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If you are a teenager and have ever thought of volunteering at the Zoo, now is the time…ZooTeen training is quickly approaching! Find out more information and get an applications here! Applications are due back  by 4 p.m. on April 20. A few of our current ZooTeens want to share their experiences with you! 

Day in the Life of a Zooteen

Being a ZooTeen at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden has been both fun and exciting. Being a volunteer at the Zoo allows you to see how a zoo is run; there is a lot more involved than the public can see. This is my second year volunteering. I am trained to use animal ambassadors like goats, turtles, bearded dragons and other animals to help educate visitors. ZooTeens also help with summer camp and special events at the zoo like Boo at the Zoo. This program gets you away from the T.V. and teaches you skills that you can use in life.

Evan Richey, ZooTeen

Being a ZooTeen has been both an enjoyment and a privilege. The summer of 2010 was the first year I was eligible to volunteer at Mesker Park Zoo. During the summer, one to two days a week I get to work with campers from ages 4-12; we get to go behind the scenes of the zoo to see and learn new facts about different animals. My volunteer hours allow me to work with the animal ambassadors, such as goats, snakes, turtles, tortoises, rabbits, and more.However, being a ZooTeen is not only during the summer; there are special events we can participate in through the school year like Boo at the Zoo, Breakfast with Santa and Enrichment Day. Being a ZooTeen has taught me leadership skills, responsibility, good work ethics, and has been a lot of fun in doing so.

Mandy Aders, ZooTeen


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Egg Hunt


One of Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden’s zookeepers had some special enrichment activities for several primates on Easter  The gibbons, in the Asian Valley area, as well as the Colobus and DeBrazza’s monkeys, in the Children’s Enchanted Forest, received special enrichment activities.  These primates enjoyed a festive egg hunt in their exhibits.  This was their enrichment activity for the day.  Each day, the Zoo’s animals have different forms of enrichment to keep them stimulated and engaged. 

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