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the female piping guan is happy to be inside for the winter

the female piping guan is happy to be inside for the winter

The Zoo’s Piping Guans have been moved from the outdoor aviary near the gibbon enclosure to the rainforest display in the Kley Building. Guans are native to South America and can’t handle the cold temps of an Indiana winter.

The whole Zoo is preparing for colder temps. The tortoises have all been moved inside, the spur-thigh and leopards to off-exhibit areas and Aldabras next to Donna the hippo. The pot-bellied pigs will be moving to their off-exhibit winter quarters soon. Heat lamps have been turned on in areas with geriatric animals as well as the Australian area.

A lot of animals will choose to remain inside except during sunny afternoons including the primates and birds in the Children’s Enchanted Forest. Most of the animals in North America and Asia Valley will remain on display including the camels, wolves, raptors, barasingha deer, axis deer, muntjacs, Przewalski’s horses, domestic hoofstock, and of course the otters. Indoor viewing is available in the Discovery Building and AMAZONIA.


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