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Hello! I’m Pico the Toucan! I’d like to welcome you to Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden’s new website and my personal blog! I will be writing notes to you periodically to keep you updated on Zoo events and happenings.  Keep checking back for changes!

Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden is home of AMAZONIA, Forest of Riches! We are very proud to showcase this world class exhibit as well as our new Entry Complex that opened August 4! Our goal is to better serve and entertain you year round with both exciting new facilities.  

AMAZONIA, Forest of Riches, will provide you with an in depth glimpse deep into a South American Rainforest.  As you encounter animals, plants, and attractions along your journey from the rainforest canopy (where you will see me) to the flooded forest floor below, all of your senses will be engaged.  Hear the roar of the waterfall, see the colorful birds and playful primates, feel the tropical moisture in the air, and smell the earthy botanic species surrounding you.  

Half of the earth’s animal and plant species call rainforests home, however, only 2% of the earth is covered with rainforests.  At the alarming rate in which rainforests are being destroyed, researching them is very important!  We recognize the importance of research and as you will see, some rainforest researches have explored AMAZONIA right here in our Zoo! During your journey through this exhibit, you will follow their path as you come across clipboards containing notes, sketches, and pictures left behind by the researcher, passed along as information to you! The storyline will come together as you discover the Research Station where you will see tools, biofacts, small animals, and South American artifacts that are important in the life of an outpost jungle researcher.  We invite you to play the role of researcher by observing and learning during your rainforest journey. 

When you visit, please take note of the biodiversity inside the rainforest.  Countless living things call the rainforest ecosystem home, including many found nowhere else on earth! Removing one component of the ecosystem can be devastating, as you will learn while explore this diverse exhibit.  Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden recognizes the importance of conservation and strives to play an active role in the conservation of rainforests and their species.  We hope after your visit to AMAZONIA, you share our passion.  We have chosen three conservation funds for you to support; the tapir, jaguar, and toucan (my favorite).  At the end of the exhibit, we invite you to make a monetary donation to one or all of these conservation funds.  The voices of these animals will personally thank you for your contribution. 

We hope you come soon for your South American adventure…No Passport Required!        

Pico the Toucan, Signing Off!


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